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dec 2022
dec 2022
ul. Radomska 76a 27-200 Starachowice +48 41 276 78 00
zjeżdżalnia na basenie w Starachowicach  

pools, saunas, jacuzzi

Ourchlorine-free pool complex is open daily from 8 to 22 and is one of few in Poland, where there is a chlorine-free water treatment using innovative Swiss method, It is based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized by silver ions.


Our chlorine-free swimming-pools complex is one of the few in Poland, which has been applied with chlorine-free water treatment using innovative Swiss method. It is based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized by silver ions. As a result of of chlorine-free water treatment there are no harmful chemicals, only water and oxygen. This method ensures crystal clear, odorless and oxygen-rich water that does not cause eye irritation and allergies, and protects and nourishes the skin. Bathing in the water is pure pleasure. The use of an innovative method of disinfecting ensures reliable control of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus without any side effects. Using our pool you can completely forget about the smell of chlorine and pool chemicals, about irritated eyes and allergies.

There is:

  • swimming pool (15x6, depth. 1,3m) with water attractions (countercurrents, waterfalls, geysers)
  • paddling pool
  • recreation and rehabilitation swimming pool with jets of water massage

We conduct individual lessons or in small groups of up to 6 persons. and weekend (2-day) workshops for groups.

Price list

ticket type swimming pools, sauna, jacuzzi gym in the price
ticket - Mon-Fri 8-13 (except holidays) 25 PLN no
ticket - Mon-Fri 13-21 30 PLN no
ticket - Weekend 25 PLN no
day ticket 70 PLN yes
monthly ticket - unlimited entry 300 PLN no
pass 10 to enter a valid three months
50% discount on squash or
50% discount on any massage
250 PLN

2 entrance ticket

OPEN monthly pass - unlimited entry swimming pools, sauna, jacuzzi, gym 350 PLN yes

Children under 3 years - $ 0.
Children aged 4-12 - 15 PLN / 2h.

Sauna and jacuzzi

Dry sauna
Dry sauna - temperature 95-105°C, humidity of 0-5%.
The sauna is an incomparable experience and a must have for all. Equally purifies the soul and body. The heat opens the pores and cleanses the body. After strenuous exercise, such as jogging or training, sauna bath is very beneficial.
Sweating removes waste, and equalize the temperature cools, keeping the skin clean and beautiful. Steam is produced by dousing the hot stones with water, preferably ionizes the air, which according to the Finnish folk tradition prevents fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. Sauna is relaxing and cleansing. It is easier to breathe in the sauna, which softens the skin and removes the pain in muscles and joints. Even high blood pressure is temporarily reduced. Sauna is a form of beauty.

Steam Bath
Steam bath - temperature 40-50°C, humidity 85-95%,

  • relaxation: mild temperatures and high humidity are perfect conditions for relaxation and calm; pleasantly warm, moist air reduces muscle tension and soothes the nerves.
  • Moisturizing and skin regeneration: steam bath improves the appearance of the skin, moisturizes and cleans it. Skin after the bath is smooth and soft.
  • calming rheumatic ailments: steam bath brings relief to tired joints, soothes inflammation and pain.
  • inhalation and help in treating diseases of the airways: steam moisturizes the mucous membranes, which cleanses the respiratory system and soothes the irritation. This effect can be enhanced by the use of emulsions based on essential oils (eg. Eucalyptus).
  • Improvement of the overall health and immunity.
  • Bathing in the steam bath stimulates blood circulation and improves lung function. In addition tempers, raising immunity.
  • Bathing in the steam bath is often a prelude to a revitalizing massage and beauty treatments.

Laconium is the ideal solution for those who can not benefit from treatments in a classic sauna.
At a temperature of 55 ° C and relatively low humidity, the room is safe even for people suffering from hypertension and having heart problems. Healthy people can spend a lot more time there than in the classic sauna - more than half an hour. However, it is recommended to use 2-3 cycles of 15 min., Because after 15 minutes the body heats up to the point when you can enjoy a cool, refreshing dip.
The Laconium aromatic scents are inhaled, the body becomes very warm, so nice to relax muscles. This all stimulates blood circulation and reduces toxins.
It's the perfect room to assist mud treatments, it can prepare the skin for subsequent SPA treatments.

We offer the possibility of using the traditional Jacuzzi, internal and external jacuzzi located on the terrace - with direct access to the swimming pool.

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